Merlin Server Configuration

Below are a sample list of configurations for the merlin server command

Main Configuration ~/.merlin/server/


    # Select the format for the recipe e.g. singularity, docker, podman (currently singularity is the only working option.)
    format: singularity
    # The image name
    image: redis_latest.sif
    # The url to pull the image from
    url: docker://redis
    # The config file
    config: redis.conf
    # Subdirectory name to store configurations Default: merlin_server/
    config_dir: merlin_server/
    # Process file containing information regarding the redis process

    # Command for determining the process of the command
    status: pgrep -P {pid} #ps -e | grep {pid}
    # Command for killing process
    kill: kill {pid}


    command: singularity
    # init_command: \{command} .. (optional or default)
    run_command: \{command} run {image} {config}
    stop_command: kill # \{command} (optional or kill default)
    pull_command: \{command} pull {image} {url}

Local Configuration merlin_server/


bind -::1
protected-mode yes
port 6379
logfile ""
dir ./

see documentation on redis configuration here for more detail

bits: '64'
commit: '00000000'
hostname: ubuntu
image_pid: '1111'
mode: standalone
modified: '0'
parent_pid: 1112
port: '6379'
version: 6.2.6