6. Contribute to Merlin

Estimated time

  • 10 minutes

You will learn

  • How to post issues to the merlin repo.

  • Guidelines for contributing to merlin.

6.1. Issues

Found a bug? Have an idea? Or just want to ask a question? Create a new issue on GitHub.

6.1.1. Bug Reports

To report a bug, simply navigate to Issues, click “New Issue”, then click “Bug report”. Then simply fill out a few fields such as “Describe the bug” and “Expected behavior”. Try to fill out every field as it will help us figure out your bug sooner.

6.1.2. Feature Requests

We are still adding new features to merlin. To suggest one, simply navigate to Issues, click “New Issue”, then click “Feature request”. Then fill out a few fields such as “What problem is this feature looking to solve?”

6.1.3. Questions


Who knows? Your question may already be answered in the FAQ.

We encourage questions to be asked in a collaborative setting: on GitHub, direct any questions to General Questions in Issues.

Any questions can also be sent to merlin@llnl.gov.

6.2. Contributing

Merlin is an open source project, so contributions are welcome. Contributions can be anything from bugfixes, documentation, or even new core features.

Contributing to Merlin is easy! Just send us a pull request from your fork. Before you send it, summarize your change in the [Unreleased] section of CHANGELOG.md and make sure develop is the destination branch. We also appreciate squash commits before pull requests are merged.

Merlin uses a rough approximation of the Git Flow branching model. The develop branch contains the latest contributions, and main is always tagged and points to the latest stable release.

If you’re a contributor, try to test and run on develop. That’s where all the magic is happening (and where we hope bugs stop).

More detailed information on contributing can be found on the Contributing page.