The Merlin package provides a few example workflows. These may be useful in seeing how the software works, and in designing your own workflow. This section provides documentation on running these Merlin workflow examples.


List the built-in Merlin workflow examples with merlin example list.

The Merlin team is working on adding a more diverse array of example workflows like these.

In particular, look at the .yaml files within these directories. These are known as Merlin specifications, and are foundational to determining a workflow.

Get started with the demo ensemble

Merlin provides a demo workflow that highlights some features of the software.


Have at least two terminals open; one to monitor workers, and the other to provide them tasks.

Create your workflow example:

$ merlin example feature_demo

To run the distributed version of feature_demo, run the following:

$ merlin run feature_demo/feature_demo.yaml

This will queue the tasks to the configured broker. To process the queued tasks, use the run-workers Merlin CLI command. Adding this command to a parallel batch submission script will launch the workers in parallel.

$ merlin run-workers feature_demo/feature_demo.yaml